About Dylan Zangwill

Dylan Organ.jpg

Dylan Zangwill is a dynamic young musician, known for his soulful vocals and multi-instrumental performances. Whether playing piano, guitar, or Hammond B3 his high energy vocal riffs captivate the crowd. His musical inspirations include Queen, David Bowie, Greta Van Fleet, The Beatles, Jimmy Smith, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. This year, he was featured on “America’s Got Talent.”


Dylan’s musical adventure started at a young age; he was singing as soon as he could speak! As a child, Dylan was drawn to anything musical. Noting his natural inclination, his parents introduced him to the piano at the age of four. Soon after, he heard The Beatles and he was hooked! This began his adventure into classic rock


A few years later, Dylan was introduced to guitar at a party, where he immediately fell in love with the instrument! He soon began taking guitar lessons and became obsessed. Once again, he was very inspired by “The Beatles” and began to learn many of his favorite tunes.


In September of 2020, Dylan found a “Hammond B-3” for sale. He went with his uncle, who is an amazing hammond player, to pick it up. Over the next two months, they would fix it up and have it in perfect condition. Following the purchase of the organ, they found a Leslie Speaker. Dylan fell in love with the instrument and began studying jazz and blues techniques, improv and soloing. 


Throughout this time, Dylan also worked to strengthen his vocal skills and range, and developed his original soulful “rock n’roll voice.” At the age of 11, Dylan discovered the “growl” in his voice when singing The Beatles, “All You Need Is Love.” He has continued to evolve this signature element of his voice as heard in some of his Queen and Led Zeppelin cover versions.


Dylan writes expressive music that involves complex and intricate chord structures, along with poetic lyrics. He finds inspiration all around him!  Over the course of quarantine, he obtained music recording gear and used his spare time to learn, make, and record music. He is currently working on his first EP along with some other fun projects. 


Dylan Zangwill is available for booking around the Philadelphia area!