About Dylan Zangwill

Maybe you saw Dylan Zangwill on America’s Got Talent wooing the audience with his big voice and playing the Hammond Organ? Or perhaps you caught him playing live at one of the many venues he calls home on the east coast? One thing is for sure, Dylan Zangwill isn’t your average teenager. He would rather practice endless hours on his craft, singing, songwriting, playing guitar, piano and organ, than to go skateboarding with his friends….Dylan thinks only about composing and playing music and has his eye on the prize of being a world class musician and songwriting while touring the world by his 20th birthday. That’s five years away, and my guess is he is right on track….


Dylan’s musical adventure started at a young age when he was introduced to The Beatles. He had an immediate connection to Classic Rock and The Blues. It wasn’t long before he started learning rock music on the piano. Dylan was always very inspired by his musical idols which motivated him to keep practicing. Dylan was introduced to the guitar when he was 9 and had an fell in love with the instrument. He had a great love and passion for music and would form bands with his friends.


In the fall of 2018, Dylan’s family opened Stolen Sun, a brewery and craft roasting in Exton, PA, where he had an upright piano that he would jump up and play music for the guests. It wouldn’t be long before he started line cooking in the kitchen and helping out the family business. Stolen Sun gave Dylan a huge opportunity to learn about playing shows for guests. He had great musical growth from playing shows regularly at a young age. Dylan spent the next couple of years honing his skills by learning, memorizing, and writing new material. 


In September of 2020, Dylan was introduced to the Hammond B3 by his Uncle, an amazing Hammond player and technician. Dylan began learning how to play the organ and became fascinated by the inner mechanics of the instrument. 


Dylan was picked up by talent scouts who were able to land him a spot on the highly successful TV series, America’s Got Talent, where he was able to showcase his Vocals, Piano playing, and Hammond organ skills in front of a national audience. Following America’s Got Talent, Dylan has played to huge audiences and picked up many other national television opportunities. 


Dylan Zangwill constantly gigs and plays shows in and out of the Philadelphia area. His style is constantly developing and changing. He is bringing back the classic rock music we all know and love, while still being a very unique artist.